Directive on Copyright

European copyright law needs to be modernised and harmonised. It should support the needs of researchers and help them to use cutting-edge digital technologies and collaborate internationally. That is why Science Europe closely accompanies the ongoing Copyright revision and, together with other stakeholders from the research community, advocates amendments that will benefit research to the European institutions.

Exception for Text and Data Mining

The European Commission proposed a revision of the Copyright Directive in 2016. This proposal includes a copyright exception for the large-scale digital analysis of data by research institutions, which is known as Text and Data Mining (TDM).

The proposed TDM exception needs to be extended to include commercial entities, however. In a modern research environment, scientists frequently collaborate with commercial partners and the same rights need to apply to them. The current exception restricts, rather than encourages, research-based innovation and should be widened to foster an effective research and innovation ecosystem.

Science Europe Outputs on Copyright


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