Science Europe

Working Group on Research Infrastructures

The Research Infrastructures Working Group brings together experts on planning and management of research facilities from across the Science Europe membership. The Working Group’s objective is to tackle common challenges related to research infrastructure among members.

Research Infrastructures are facilities, resources and services that are used by the research communities to conduct research. Research infrastructures can be 'single-sited', ‘virtual’ or 'distributed'. They can include for instance: major scientific equipment (or sets of instruments); skilled personnel engaged in services, competence development and outreach; knowledge-based resources such as collections, archives or scientific data; e-infrastructures, such as data and computing systems and communication networks.

The Working Group will specifically focus on alerting and advising Science Europe’s members on current and emerging issues related to research infrastructures, and ensuring relevant contribution to European initiatives related to these (e.g. Horizon 2020, ESFRI). It will also review strategies for evaluation and management of research infrastructures, investigate ways to promote integration and innovative funding, and stimulate networking among scientific communities in areas and disciplines where no dedicated schemes are implemented.

In pursuing these activities, the Working Group will take into account issues related to other policy fields such as research data, and cross-border collaboration.


Working Group Members





Belgium Research Foundation Flanders FWO Bart Van Beek
Denmark Danish Councils for Independent Research DFF Anders Kjær
Estonia Estonian Research Council ETAg Priit Tamm
Finland Academy of Finland AKA Merja Särkioja
France French National Research Agency ANR Patrick Bourgin
France National Centre for Scientific Research CNRS Gabriel Chardin
France Institute for Basic Research of
the Atomic Energy Commission
CEA Patricia Roussel-Chomaz
France French National Institute of Health and Medical Research Inserm Catherine Marais
Germany German Research Foundation DFG Christian Renner
Germany Max Planck Society MPG Christoph Ettl
Germany Leibniz Association Leibniz Ricarda Opitz
Ireland Science Foundation Ireland SFI Michael Ryan
Italy National Institute for Nuclear Physics INFN Antonio Zoccoli
Italy National Research Council CNR Sarah Chen
Lithuania The Science Council of Lithuania LMT Algis Krupavičius
Netherlands Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research NWO Cas Maessen
Poland National Science Centre NCN Maciej Krzystyniak
Slovenia Slovenian Research Agency ARRS Primož Pristovšek
Spain Council for Scientific Research CSIC Joaquin Tintore
Sweden Swedish Research Council VR Sofie Bjorling
Sweden Swedish Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences & Spatial Planning FORMAS
Sweden Swedish Council for Working Life & Social Research FORTE Peter Allebeck
Switzerland Swiss National Science Foundation SNSF Paul Burkhard
UK Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council BBSRC Sonny Rathod
UK Science and Technology Facilities Council STFC Catherine Ewart



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