Working Group on Research Integrity

Research integrity is one of the priority policy areas in the Science Europe Roadmap. To pursue tangible results and enhance collaborative efforts in this area, Science Europe has set up a dedicated Working Group. The main aim of the group is to support the implementation of existing principles and codes, and contribute to the consolidation of a normative framework in practice in Europe.

The core principles of research integrity are honesty, accountability, fairness and good stewardship in all aspects of research. Guidelines for good research practice are derived from these principles and are aimed at preventing research misconduct.

Research misconduct can cover a broad spectrum of acts which can have potentially harmful effects beyond the sphere of science. Its most detrimental forms are fabrication, falsification and plagiarism. Other frequent forms of research misconduct include the misuse of research data, authorship-related misdemeanors, inadequate leadership and mentorship, and failure to adequately deal with alleged cases of research misconduct.

The Working Group has three main focuses:

  • Promoting research integrity
  • Preventing misconduct
  • Increasing transparency when investigating cases of misconduct

In their work, the group’s experts liaise with other relevant stakeholders in this field in Europe and globally. The Working Group’s activities build on and carry forward previous work conducted by relevant initiatives such as the ESF–ALLEA Forum (2008–2010) and the resulting European Code of Conduct.

Working Group Members

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