Gender and Diversity Working Group

Set up in August 2014, the Gender and Diversity Working Group (WG) brings together experts from Science Europe Member Organisations (MOs) to reflect on and discuss challenges related to gender and diversity issues in science and academia. The WG operates by exchanging experience, material and practice, with the aim of providing a deeper understanding of existing policies in the various MOs of Science Europe.

The Gender and Diversity WG addresses the objectives for gender and diversity laid out in the Science Europe Roadmap by: advancing the topics of gender and diversity within MOs with regards to human resources, the research process and research content, and sharing practice and critically appraising existing examples of actions in national contexts.

The WG will recommend actions and indicators related to gender and diversity dimensions to Science Europe.

The Science Europe Roadmap objectives are being addressed through the following tasks:

  • identifying significant indicators;
  • analysing the peer review process from a gender and diversity perspective;
  • examining new ways to integrate sex and gender analysis into the research content;
  • looking at grant management issues in relation to the gender and diversity dimension; and
  • considering opportunities to embed gender and diversity issues in other SE policy areas and the work of other WGs.

The WG also liaises with other relevant initiatives (e.g. GENDER-NET ERA-NET and the genderSTE COST Action), institutional groups (e.g. the Helsinki Group, the ERA Steering Group on Human Resources and Mobility (SGHRM)) and stakeholders (e.g. universities).

Working Group Members

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