Science Europe

Working Group on Open Access to Scientific Publications

Open Access refers to the principle and practice of providing free online access to scholarly publications. In line with the Berlin Declaration on Open Access of 22 October 2003, Science Europe defines Open Access as “unrestricted, online access to scholarly research publications (including books, monographs and non-traditional research materials) for reading and productive re-use, not impeded by any financial, organisational, legal or technical barriers”. Ideally, the only restriction on use is an obligation to attribute the work to its author. The Science Europe Roadmap also states the objectives of Science Europe regarding Open Access, saying that removing barriers to access to published research results increases the impact of research as well as the overall cost efficiency of the publication system.

Given the benefits of Open Access, a swift transition from the current subscription-based publication model to Open Access models is needed. Science Europe Member Organisations play an important role in insuring the transition takes place in an effective manner at national level, while at the same time collectively contributing to policies that support the transition. This includes taking into account the needs of researchers in the different scientific communities.

In order to support this transition, Science Europe members unanimously adopted a set of ‘Common Principles on the Transition to Open Access to Research Publications’ in April 2013. It was the first time that the major European public Research Funding and Performing Organisations collectively endorsed and committed to actionable principles that will contribute to a swift transition to Open Access.

The Science Europe Working Group on Open Access to Scientific Publications brings together experts from Science Europe members to exchange knowledge, provide expertise on practical issues and offer advice to enable Science Europe to contribute to policy debates.

Working Group Members





Austria Austrian Science Fund FWF Falk Reckling
Belgium Fund for Scientific Research F.N.R.-FNRS Jean-Claude Kita
Belgium Research Foundation Flanders FWO Olivier Boehme
Czech Republic Czech Science Foundation GACR Ivan Netuka
Denmark Danish Council for Independent Research DFF Grete Kladakis
Estonia Estonian Research Council ETAG Marika Meltsas
France French National Research Agency ANR Martine Garnier
France National Centre for Scientific Research CNRS Serge Bauin
France French National Institute of Health and Medical Research Inserm Nathalie Duchange
France National Institute for Development IRD Jean-Pierre Finance
Germany German Research Foundation DFG Johannes Fournier
Germany Leibniz Association Leibniz Ulrich Korwitz
Germany Max Planck Society MPG Georg Botz (Chair)
Germany Max Planck Society MPG Ralf Schimmer
Iceland Icelandic Centre for Research RANNIS Magnus Lyngdala
Italy National Research Council CNR Roberto Puccinelli
Italy National Institute of Nuclear Physics INFN Laura Patrizii
Luxembourg National Research Fund FNR Olga de Brito
Netherlands Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research NWO Erik van Aert
Poland National Science Centre NCN Ewa Golonka
Portugal Foundation for Science and technology FCT Ana Cristina Neves
Slovakia Slovak Research and Development Agency APVV Jan Sedlak
Slovenia  Slovenian Research Agency  ARRS Primož Južnič
Spain Council for Scientific Research CSIC Agnes Ponsati
Sweden Swedish Research Council VR Lisbeth Söderqvist
Switzerland Swiss National Science Foundation SNSF Ingrid Kissling
UK Medical Research Council / Research Councils UK MRC / RCUK Geraldine



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