Stephan Kuster is the new Secretary General of Science Europe

Stephan Kuster is the new Secretary General of Science Europe. The Governing Board of Science Europe appointed him at their 6 February meeting, following a competitive recruitment process. The appointment is for a period of six years.

Photo of President Marc Schiltz and Secretary General Stephan Kuster shaking hands.

The Secretary General leads the Science Europe Office in Brussels, implements the strategy and provides policy and strategy input to the Governing Board and the Member Organisations. In this role, Stephan Kuster will be Science Europe’s main spokesperson.

“It is a great honour to be entrusted with representing the collective interests of some of the best and largest research organisations in the world”, said Kuster. “I intend to serve them by making sure that Science Europe is the platform where they join forces and collaborate to shape the future of research. I am lucky and privileged to be able to count on the professionalism and expertise of my colleagues in the Science Europe Office and I look forward to continuing the excellent collaboration with our wider network of partners at European and international level.”

Professor Marc Schiltz, President of Science Europe, said of the new Secretary General: “Stephan is very well networked, both with stakeholders in Brussels and with Science Europe Member Organisations. They overwhelmingly appreciate his deep knowledge of research policy, his drive for excellence, and his ability to manage and lead a team to success. We are confident that he is the right person to guide the Office in the coming years.”

About Stephan Kuster

Stephan Kuster, born in 1975, is a Swiss and Colombian national with a background in social sciences. He has been working in European research policy since 2010. He was part of the Pilot Office that prepared the launch of Science Europe in 2011, and served as its Head of Policy Affairs since 2012. Following the departure of former Director Amanda Crowfoot in March 2017, Kuster was appointed as Acting Director.

A short CV of Stephan Kuster is also available.


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