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Label for Ecodynamic Organisations

The Science Europe Office obtained the Brussels Label for Ecodynamic Organisations in January 2024. This label is an official recognition of our approach to environmental management and our efforts to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment. The label is an initiative from the Brussels Capital Region supported by Brussels Environment.

Having obtained two out three stars, the Science Europe Office strives to implement further practices towards the third star.

Science Europe is dedicated to promoting sustainability as a fundamental value for European research. Through its Working Group on Greening Research, Science Europe is working with its Member Organisations on a number of initiatives to appraise and reduce their own carbon footprint, as well as to find ways to reduce the environmental impact of research in Europe.

To obtain the Label for Ecodynamic Organisations, the Science Europe Office implemented several good practices, such as opting for the most sustainable catering services, reducing printing and waste, replacing its electrical equipment with models that consume less energy, and reducing airline travel as much as possible. It also attempts to manage the environmental impact of its IT equipment by extending the lifecycle of computers, printers, and servers wherever possible.

In this way, Science Europe aims to set an example for others and to actively contribute to the fulfilment of climate goals. It also works with other stakeholders to engage the research sector in reducing its carbon footprint, such as via the Call to Action for the Net-Zero Transition, launched at COP26.