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Diamond Open Access 2023 Roadmap

Community Webinars and Global Summit

17>17 Apr. 2023

In the lead-up to the October 2023 Global Summit on Diamond Open Access, Science Europe, cOAlition S, OPERAS, and the French National Research Agency (ANR) are organising two webinars for the community to prepare discussions for the global summit and to take decisive steps towards a stronger Diamond Open Access ecosystem for scholarly communication.

The ‘Action Plan for Diamond Open Access’ was launched in March 2022. It has since been endorsed by 146 organisations and 138 individuals. To emphasise the global outlook of our community, the Action Plan is now available in Dutch, French, German, Italian, and Spanish, with more translations on the way.

First Community Webinar

Monday 17 April, 16.30 CEST

We invited endorsing organisations and individuals of the Action Plan to join us and establish the main topics to be discussed during the Global Summit. Based on the Action Plan and a draft concept note, we asked you for your views and feedback.

Endorsers of the Action Plan received the invitation and registration details. If you are interested in becoming a member of the community and participating, endorsement for the Action Plan is still open.

The slides of this webinar are available for download here.

Second Community Webinar

Monday 18 September 2023, 16.30 CEST

We invite endorsing organisations and individuals of the Action Plan to save this date to discuss the co-creation of global principles for Diamond Open Access. Such principles will be further refined by the community and formally launched during the Global Summit.

Global Summit on Diamond Open Access

From 23 to 27 October 2023, the Global Summit on Diamond Open Access will take place in Toluca, México. As part of this summit, the second Conference on Diamond Open Access will take place, which will bring together the community of endorsers of the Action Plan for Diamond Open Access, consisting of researchers, editors, universities, research funding and performing organisations, academic libraries, learned societies, and policy makers from around the world who are working to strengthen the Diamond Open Access ecosystem.

The first Conference on Diamond Open Access took place on 19 and 20 September 2022 in Zadar, Croatia.