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Science Europe Feedback on the implementation of the GDPR

Science Europe has provided feedback to the European Commission on the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) through the call for evidence opened for the 2025 GDPR report.

Public research-funding and research-performing organisations often collaborate and finance research projects with partners from different countries within and outside the European Union which involve the processing of personal data. Research organisations have developed structures, tools, and policies to ensure their activities comply with the GDPR but many challenges remain, such as differing interpretations of the rules related to controlling and processing data, lack of common understanding of roles and responsibilities under GDPR and finding appropriate mechanisms to address the GDPR in agreements with non-EEA countries. 

Science Europe has made a number of recommendations to address these concerns to the European Commission, EU Council, and European Data Protection Board including providing clear advice on which forms of written agreements can be used to ensure compliance with the GDPR, and when these agreements need to be put in place; and supporting the development of agreements and mechanisms to address the needs of research and innovation in international collaboration contexts.

Science Europe is ready to work together with the relevant EU Institutions and their services to explore ways forward to address our concerns.

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