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Science Europe Recommendations to Reduce Research and Innovation Disparities and Foster Brain Circulation

Towards Strengthened Research and Innovation Systems Across Europe

Substantial discrepancies exist between European research and innovation (R&I) capacities. The existing gaps between different areas of Europe are at risk of expanding due to new societal and economic challenges, a rapidly evolving global landscape with a fierce competition for R&I leadership, and the consequences of the war between Russia and Ukraine. In addition, the non-association of UK and Switzerland to Horizon Europe is a risk factor for the entire EU.

Leveraging the potential of Europe’s existing talent, developing new capacities, and optimising and spreading the benefits of research and innovation throughout the EU, are therefore more important than ever.

This is in accordance with the European Research Area Policy Agenda, and especially Action 16 ‘Improve EU-Wide Access to Excellence’. Europe must reinforce its position as a top knowledge hub and enhance its competitiveness and ability to address societal challenges. Moreover, urgent action is necessary to reinforce and facilitate mobility of researchers between European countries.

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