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Man in protective gear for building sites kneeling before viewer under a large piece of equipment from CERN
Man in protective gear for building sites kneeling before viewer under a large piece of equipment from CERN © 2019 CERN

What's going on?

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A to-do list for research policy in 2021

Our Secretary General. Lidia Borrell-Damián shares with Research the challenges and priorities for the year ahead including advancements for Horizon Europe, Open Science, research careers, and collaboration.


Relief as EU budget deal averts R&D funding delay

Our Secretary General, Lidia Borrell-Damián, talks to Research about the new EU budget deal to highlight that the compromise on the rule of law was a huge price to pay, given that the European research ecosystem is built on common values, including the rule of law.


Horizon Europe to trial blind evaluation and right of reply

Mathilde Reumaux, Senior Policy Officer at Science Europe, responds to the European Commission’s plans to update its proposal evaluation processes for Horizon Europe. It is good that initiatives are being trialed ahead of their potential broader rollout, but transparency for applicants is key.


Funders call for research to be excluded from EU platform rules

Updating EU legislation on digital services and platforms is essential given the rapid development of online platforms and services. Science Europe explains to Research Professional that greater clarification on the Digital Services Act is needed to ensure it does not have unintended effects on research


European universities hope for share of €700 billion rescue pot

Science Europe is quoted in THE saying that research and innovation must play an important role in these national recovery and resilience plans. It also stresses that the criteria on which national plans are judged should also go beyond a strict definition of immediate growth and return on investment.


Look beyond publication records, urges report

A shift is under way to improve the effectiveness & efficiency of Research Assessment processes. 

Nature Careers looks into Science Europe's most recent report on looking beyond publication records and instead asses the societal impact and contributions to knowledge and policy when awarding grants and promotions.


MEPs must now defend EU's research budget

Marc Schiltz, the President of Science Europe, is quoted in Science Business saying that the new Horizon budget is lower than anyone had expected it to be: “We are hugely disappointed that the budget is not in any way commensurate to the challenges ahead,” said Schiltz.

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