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Man in protective gear for building sites kneeling before viewer under a large piece of equipment from CERN
Man in protective gear for building sites kneeling before viewer under a large piece of equipment from CERN © 2019 CERN

What's going on?

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Research and university communities demand climate action

Ahead of COP27 (the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference), leading European research and university organisations have joined forces to renew the call for collective, common global efforts for climate action, launched last year.

They are proposing a systemic approach where universities, national research performing organisations and research funding organisations work together, involving policy-makers, the business sector and non-governmental organisations, in Europe and globally.


Funder group seeks to align policies for open science

Science Europe says all researchers and societies should benefit from opening up research. Science Europe, the association of major research funders and performers, has said it intends to work to better align European policies to promote open science and facilitate research across disciplinary and geographical divides.


Research funding agencies want a greater say in shaping new ERA

The Pact for Research and Innovation should give stakeholders a greater say over the implementation of the European Research Area. As things stand, stakeholders will have little say over how proposed increases in R&D budgets are implemented in member states. But this input and know-how is essential to advancing the single European area for research.


Funder group complains about research gaps in EU data plan

Research covers Science Europe's response to the European Commission Inception Impact Assessment for a Data Act. The research sector has vast experience in data generation, storage, curation & (re-)use. Taking into account its expertise & knowledge can contribute to making the European single market for data useful for the society & economy at large.

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