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Diamond Open Access Conference

19>20 Sep. 2022

Diamond Open Access refers to a scholarly publication model in which journals and platforms do not charge fees to either authors or readers. Such journals and platforms are community-driven, academic-led, and academic-owned publishing initiatives.

In March 2022, Science Europe, cOAlition S, OPERAS, and the French National Research Agency (ANR) presented an Action Plan to strengthen the Diamond Open Access ecosystem, and started to build a community to support this endeavour.

About the Conference

This Diamond Open Access conference was the first hybrid event for the community of organisations and individuals who endorsed the Action Plan for Diamond OA. It followed two webinars in which members of this community could already meet and discuss online; these took place on 22 April and 7 July. The conference was co-organised by Science Europe, cOAlition S, OPERAS, and the French National Research Agency (ANR). It was sponsored by the Ministry for Higher Education and Research in France (MESR).

The goal of the event was to further bring together the community, to provide insights and inspiration to operationalise the Action Plan based on existing good practices, with a vision to develop future common services.

It also introduced the Horizon Europe project ‘Developing Institutional Open Access Publishing Models to Advance Scholarly Communication’ (DIAMAS, 2022–2025). This project, launched on 1 September, has the objective to contribute to the development of a coherent, high-quality, and sustainable Open Access scholarly communication ecosystem.

The conference took place in Zadar (Croatia) on 19 and 20 September.

Participation in the Conference

Participation in the conference was limited to those individuals and organisations who have endorsed the Action Plan for Diamond Open Access. Note that endorsement of the Action Plan is still open and we welcome additional organisations who wish to help strengthen the community and contribute to moving forward Diamond Open Access publishing practices.


Speakers' presentation