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Webinar Jointly towards Sustainable Research Data

Science Europe Webinar

02>02 Jun. 2021

The research and innovation system is undergoing a paradigm shift to Open Science to make scientific knowledge accessible for all by promoting unhindered dissemination of research outputs. Ensuring the interoperability and sustainability of research data – that is, their long-term preservation and accessibility – is an indispensable element to make Open Science the ‘new normal’. 

Science Europe is organising the webinar 'Jointly towards Sustainable Research Data' on 2 June 2021. At this webinar, the new Practical Guide to Sustainable Research Data will be presented, which offers guidance to research performers, research funders, and data infrastructures to help them ensure the sustainability of the research data they generate, fund, or store.

These organisations play an important role in the advancement of good data sharing practices, and they need comprehensive strategies that include a clear commitment to long-term data sharing and interoperability. Collaboration within the R&I system and aligned organisational agendas for research data can contribute to this goal: achieving sustainability of research data is a journey to be jointly undertaken, but with each organisation travelling at its own pace and setting its destination according to its priorities and needs.

Experts from Science Europe's Member Organisations, supported by external expertise, have developed a set of complementary maturity matrices for three main stakeholder types that aim to support organisations develop their agenda for research data and align their efforts with those of other ones.

Speakers at the event will include:

  • Marc Schiltz, Science Europe President
  • Melanie Welham, Executive Chair at UK Research & Innovation
  • Sarah Jones, Director of the EOSC Association
  • Kostas Repanas, Policy Officer at the European Commission’s Open Science Unit at the DG for Research & Innovation


The webinar is open to all representatives of stakeholders, researchers, and research organisations with an interest in the sustainability and interoperability of research data.


Practical Guide to Sustainable Research Data

This Practical Guide provides guidance to ensure the long-term preservation and accessibility of research data. Three complementary maturity matrices provide funders, performers, and data infrastructures with a way to create a common understanding of the approaches needed.