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Man in protective gear for building sites kneeling before viewer under a large piece of equipment from CERN
Man in protective gear for building sites kneeling before viewer under a large piece of equipment from CERN © 2019 CERN

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04 Jun. 2024

Greening Research Webinar Series

Science Europe's Greening Research Webinar Series seeks to raise awareness, discuss solutions, and empower action to reduce the environmental impact of research activities by exploring its footprint, addressing challenges, and offering actionable steps for the future.

12>13 Mar. 2024

Unlocking the Power of Science Communication in Policy Making

Science Europe, FWO, and FNRS co-organised a high-level conference on science communication under the auspices of the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the EU. The goal was to highlight the importance of science communication in research processes and raise awareness of the need to address it more formally in research programmes and policy making.

23>27 Oct. 2023

Diamond Open Access 2023 Roadmap

Science Europe, cOAlition S, OPERAS, and ANR have announced a 2023 roadmap for the Diamond Open Access community, consisting of two community webinars leading up to the October Global Summit on Diamond Open Access in Toluca, México.

20 Apr. 2023

Acting Together for Net-Zero

This public webinar was hosted by Science Europe and the CESAER Task Force Sustainability. This was the occasion to present the joint report on ‘Interdisciplinarity for the Net-Zero Transition. The perspectives of universities and research organisations’ written after the COP-27 Symposium
26>27 Jan. 2023

Communications Workshop

On 26–27 January, the Science Europe Working Group on Communication organised its first Workshop on Science Communication. The aim was to discuss what is at stake in science communication, focus on what needs to be done collectively to improve it, and define what concrete actions to develop. 

16>17 Nov. 2022

Joint Science Europe–NSFC Policy Workshop

Science Europe and the National Natural Science Foundation of China share a goal to promote science as a key enabler for sustainable development. They organised a joint policy workshop to strategically discuss how to address global challenges during a paradigm shift in science.

10>10 Nov. 2022

Talent Retention: How can Europe tackle the challenges of Brain Drain and Capacity Building in EU-13 countries?

Several initiatives attempt to bridge the R&I gap between Eastern and Western Europe, including the European Commission's €3.3bn "Widening" plan, and the relaunched ERA. Implementation remains difficult, however. Science Europe sponsored and co-organised the first regional event of the new Science|Business Widening Initiative to address this issue.

18>19 Oct. 2022

Science Europe Open Science Conference 2022

Science Europe organised a conference on Open Science. Institutional leaders, researchers at all stages of their careers, and experts from the field were invited to discuss whether Open Science is ready to become the norm in research, and how to ensure an equitable transition.

02>02 Feb. 2022

Diamond Open Access

Science Europe, cOAlition S, OPERAS, and ANR organised a workshop to discuss best practices, develop the central elements of ‘Diamond’ Open Access, and adopt an Action Plan to be presented at the Open Science European Conference on 4–5 February 2022.

07 Sep. 2021

Workshop Science for the Green Transition

This workshop will look at how national governments, research performers, and research funders can help translate scientific knowledge into policies and actions to address the climate crisis. It also serves as the launch of the new Working Group on the Green and Digital Transition and help prepare input towards COP26.

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