Review of the Directive on Public Sector Information

With the upcoming review of the Directive on Public Sector Information, the European Commission considers widening its scope to include research data. Science Europe is keeping close watch on these developments and urges the European Commission to take the particularities of the research sector into account. Despite supporting Open Science and Open Access, Science Europe recognises that not all scientific data may be suitable for publication in the same way.

Directive on Public Sector Information

The Directive on Public Sector Information aims to make as much data as possible that are held by public-sector organisations available for re-use. The goal is to increase transparency, and promote data-driven innovation and fair competition. It focuses on the economic benefits of re-use of information more than on citizen access to information.

Organisations falling under its scope are ministries, state agencies, municipalities, and organisations that are funded for the most part by or are under the control of public authorities. Since 2013, museums, libraries, and archives have been included as well. Organisations in the educational, scientific, and broadcasting sector are excluded under current legislation.

Review of the Directive

The European Commission is working on a review of the existing Directive, in which it intends to include research data and research sector information in the scope. The European Commission held a public consultation in the autumn of 2017. Science Europe responded to this consultation with a statement.

Science Europe Outputs on the PSI Directive


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