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Published: report of the Science Europe Conference on Open Science 

Science Europe is pleased to present the report of its Conference on Open Science. The conference, which took place on 18 and 19 October 2022 in Brussels, Belgium, and online, brought together close to 600 participants, including 36 expert speakers, for a discussion on open science and its role in the European and global research landscape. 

The report highlights the main ideas and insights that emerged during the conference. Open science, which focus on aiding the processes of scientific knowledge creation, evaluation, and communication, is a growing movement that is being driven by the convergence of more and increasingly ambitious actors from across the research sector. However, the implementation of open science initiatives is uneven, and questions about inclusivity and equitability are becoming increasingly pressing for the community to address. 

The objective of the conference was twofold. Firstly, it aimed to bring clarity to the discussions on openness that are currently taking place and how they are shaping the research landscape worldwide. The conference provided participants with a comprehensive overview of the transition to open science, including policy initiatives, research assessment reforms, and financial support measures that are driving this change. 

Secondly, the conference aimed to present an opportunity for Science Europe members to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the transition to open science. Breakout sessions were organised for participants to discuss and debate key issues such as inclusivity, equitability, and the impact of the transition on institutions, communities, and individual scholars. 

The report reflects a dynamic point in time for the transition to open science, which has come a long way and shows no signs of slowing down. The insights found in the report will directly influence future initiatives by Science Europe and its members.  We hope it will be a valuable resource.

Science Europe, together with its member organisations, is dedicated to promoting open science as an integral component of an effective research system. This strategic objective is at the core of our collective responsibility to shape the future of research within Europe and beyond. Find out more in our direction paper in support of open science as part of a well-functioning research system

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