Cross-border Collaboration

Knowledge and its production are not bound by national borders. Indeed, international co-operation, both within and outside of Europe, has always been part of the European scientific landscape; cross-border collaboration is a reality, and takes place every day across the globe.

Science Europe Member Organisations share an ambition to support excellent science. This requires allowing their research communities to work in the most productive national and international configurations, in order to address research challenges and to support less research intensive regions. Increased collaboration across borders should not mean increased administrative burden for researchers. However, cross-border collaboration often requires funding support from more than one country, or for research funds to cross borders, and this can be operationally challenging to manage.

To support cross-border collaboration, Science Europe Member Organisations have developed their own frameworks of collaboration by putting in place procedures and mechanisms that allow them to extend their support to researchers involved in collaborations with partners from other countries. Cross-border collaboration involves a degree of interoperability and common approaches which are based on mutual trust and understanding between organisations that often operate in very diverse scientific and legal environments.

Science Europe Network on Cross-border Collaboration

The Science Europe Network on Cross-border Collaboration was established in March 2016 to replace an existing Working Group on the same topic. It brings together senior staff from Science Europe Member Organisations who are specifically interested in the topic of cross-border collaboration.

It is a self-managed forum where members can exchange knowledge and discuss strategies and tools that aim to increase, improve, and strengthen cross-border collaboration within and outside Europe. It serves as a platform for members to exchange practice, to develop solutions to challenges and to foster cross-border collaboration in and beyond Europe, through common approaches. It is a space for experts to discuss multilateral co-operation tools, issues related to peer-review, and strategies for co-operation outside Europe.

Publications on Cross-border Collaboration


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