Science Europe Roadmap

The Science Europe Roadmap identifies four strategic objectives which guides the collaboration between Science Europe Member Organisations, where a collective approach adds value to their individual missions:

  1. Supporting borderless science: actions aiming at ensuring that scientific excellence is the main factor shaping research collaboration patterns in Europe, thus reducing the impact of geographical, disciplinary, administrative or sectorial borders.
  2. Improving the scientific environment: actions aiming at ensuring optimal conditions for all players in the scientific eco-system. A strong and effective system can only be achieved if researchers, administrators and policy-makers can reach their full potential.
  3. Facilitating science: actions aiming at ensuring that science is carried out in the most efficient and effective way. Excellence in research needs continuous nurturing where it is already established, as well as to be widened through capacity building where it has potential to grow.
  4. Communicating science: actions aiming at ensuring that research results are openly, correctly and widely communicated both within and outside the scientific community, that scientific knowledge is widely utilised by society at large, and that science stays open to receive inputs and have a continuous dialogue with society.

The Roadmap provides an action plan to pursue these four strategic objectives by identifying the following nine Priority Action Areas, where collaboration among Science Europe members has the potential to yield substantive progress:

  • Access to Research Data
  • Cross-border Collaboration
  • Gender and Other Diversity Issues
  • Open Access to Research Publications
  • Research Careers
  • Research Infrastructures
  • Research Integrity
  • Research Policy and Programme Evaluation
  • Science in Society

The work identified in the Priority Action Areas will be carried out by specialised Working Groups composed of experts from Science Europe Member Organisations, by the members themselves and by the Science Europe Office. In addition, Science Europe policy positions and the work carried out by its Working Groups are continually advised by the scientific community, through input from the Science Europe Scientific Advisory Committee.

The Science Europe Roadmap will be periodically reviewed to ensure that the vision of the organisation is adequately reflected within a constantly changing political context. Beyond priority areas outlined in the Roadmap, new areas for collaboration can be explored and developed through activities carried out by the six Scientific Committees, or by Member Organisation Task Forces.

See also the full text of the Roadmap.


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