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Man in protective gear for building sites kneeling before viewer under a large piece of equipment from CERN © 2019 CERN

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Association of the UK to Horizon Europe must go forward

The European Union’s research and innovation community urges the European Commission and UK Government to work towards a successful UK association to Horizon Europe as soon as possible.


Science Europe 10th Anniversary Celebration

Science Europe was launched formally in its first General Assembly on 21 October 2011 in Berlin. A total of 49 Member Organisations, including the seven official founding members (DFG, ESRC, ETAg, FWO, FNRS, ARRS, and SNSF), celebrated the start of the association and elected its first President, Paul Boyle, and Governing Board.


Conference on the future of the European Research Area

On 26-27 October 2021, the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the European Union organised the “Conference New ERA - Towards a responsible knowledge driven society of the 3rd Millennium.” It was intended to better integrate the ERA in key stakeholder communities, industrial sectors and policymakers on regional, national and EU levels, especially those responsible for research and from broader innovation ecosystems.


Open letter on ERA governance

With this letter, the undersigned representatives of research and innovation (R&I) organisations wish to reiterate the added value of including European R&I stakeholders in the ERA governance system, especially in both its co-creation and implementation.

07 Sep. 2021

Workshop Science for the Green Transition

This workshop will look at how national governments, research performers, and research funders can help translate scientific knowledge into policies and actions to address the climate crisis. It also serves as the launch of the new Working Group on the Green and Digital Transition and help prepare input towards COP26.


Research Plays an Essential Role in Public Interest Data Use

Science Europe Response to the European Commission’s Consultation on a Future Data Act


A set of European Digital Principles: Essential, but a Broader Approach is Needed

Science Europe Response to the European Commission Consultation on European Digital Principles


Research funding agencies want a greater say in shaping new ERA

The Pact for Research and Innovation should give stakeholders a greater say over the implementation of the European Research Area. As things stand, stakeholders will have little say over how proposed increases in R&D budgets are implemented in member states. But this input and know-how is essential to advancing the single European area for research.


An Inclusive ERA for Excellent Research

Science Europe’s Reaction to the Commission Proposal for a Council Recommendation on a Pact for Research and Innovation.


Right Balance between Fostering Innovation and Trust Essential also for the Research Sector

Science Europe Response to the European Commission Inception Impact Assessment: Adapting Liability Rules to the Digital Age


Funder group complains about research gaps in EU data plan

Research covers Science Europe's response to the European Commission Inception Impact Assessment for a Data Act. The research sector has vast experience in data generation, storage, curation & (re-)use. Taking into account its expertise & knowledge can contribute to making the European single market for data useful for the society & economy at large.


Which Role for Research in the Future Data Act?

Science Europe Response to the European Commission Inception Impact Assessment for a Data Act.


In Memoriam: Jaroslav Koča

With great sorrow, Science Europe learned of the passing of Professor Jaroslav Koča, President of the Czech Science Foundation, on 2 July 2021. Science Europe extends its deepest condolences to Professor Koča's family, friends, and colleagues at the Czech Science Foundation.

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